Products Unifyle

Provide a cloud-like solution right from your existing file storage

Enterprise data is spread over file servers (SAMBA, NFS), FTP servers, multiple SharePoint servers, and some cloud services.

Employees get the same ease of access from the cloud based solutions like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Most employees want access to their content from mobile devices to safely view and edit files.


  • Convert corporate file stores (NFS, Samba, SharePoint, etc.) to a Dropbox-like service.
  • Search, share and manage content from internal file servers (optionally cloud storage services as well).
  • The web experience travels with a user from computer, tablet or smartphone, providing consistency across all devices.
  • Virtual view of all content in one place, and drag & drop from one document source to another including legacy file storage.
  • Share your data no matter where it is actually located.
  • Full reports on file deletions, file sharing and usage.
Unifyle is a secure on-premises enterprise file management service that helps users securely work with their documents from anywhere using any device. Employees can access all the corporate file storage (file servers, SharePoint, FTP servers, etc.) from anywhere and edit or share files with ease.
Unifyle integrates with MDM solutions from Symantec, MobileIron and Citrix utilizing industry standard security features. Users can securely search for and work with all their files, distributed over enterprise file stores as well as cloud based storage services like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. using their mobile devices or computers.
Unifyle is a completely secure on-premise solution that is integrated with LDAP and supports several MDM solutions you might have already rolled out making the entire solution very secure and avoids duplicate efforts.
With Unifyle you will be able to provide all the cloud-like features employees come to expect without moving content to the cloud. Security and flexibility in one easy to implement solution. You can install and configure Unifyle in less than an hour.