Mobilize your enterprise data

Give your employees secure anytime mobile access to their files

Secure Virtual File Management for Enterprises



Is your enterprise data trapped in rigid file stores and inaccessible to today’s mobile users?

You want to enable your flexible workforce with anywhere access to files, but haven’t found a good way to do it. Users are solving this problem by making multiple copies of important files and spreading them all over the cloud. So much for data security.

With Unifyle there is a better way – Leave everything where it is and offer your users the same cloud-like access they get for their consumer file services. Full mobile access with no moving, copying or complicating. Even connect to many cloud services for full visibility and control. Users get the flexibility they want and you get the security you need.

Benefits for IT Admins

  • Installs on premises in less than 60 minutes
  • Integrates tightly with existing corporate security
  • Files can be shared with anyone without copying or compromising security
  • Encryption may be applied to existing file stores
  • Full reports on file deletions, sharing and usage

Benefits for Users

  • Search, manage, edit and share enterprise files from any device
  • Edit files with native apps then save back to the same location
  • Mobile access to file shares that is as simple as using Dropbox
  • Synchronize select file stores to your PC or Mac
  • Unified search across ALL file stores at once

A brief overview of Unifyle

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